Eva Burgstaller, CMT, CCP, MLDT


Eva BEva and her husband Josef, were born, raised, and married in Austria. Eva’s first 22 years of health care were based on a “common sense approach” that consisted of wholesome food, exercise, adequate rest, sauna visits, massages and occasional treatments with herbs.

After immigrating to the USA, raising 2 boys and working in a business setting, Eva attended Massage School, graduating as a Nursing Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist in 1996.

She started her own business in 1997 and is now offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Colorpuncture and Matrix Energetics, as well as a variety of related health protocols. She is happy to be in her practice, treating her clients with compassion, respect and love.

I am very privileged to be able to work alongside Jayne Dabu and her competent and compassionate staff. I love my work and I love to learn. There are always new and exciting modalities to integrate and people to educate. When I can send a client home after a treatment with a feeling of expanded wellness, my job is complete and the goal is achieved. Both the client and I feel good about the session.

Eva also teaches several hands-on workshops throughout the year. Please come, sample our services and join our circle of wellness.


Fuller Massage School, Virginia Beach – Licensed and Certified through Board of Nursing/State of Virginia

COLORPUNCTURE:                                                                                                                                                     Practitioner Certification through the Peter Mandel Institute for Colorpuncture in Bruchsal, Germany

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE:                                                                                                                           Intensive training at the Upledger Institute (Bruno Chickly technique) and the Vodder Institute as well as 18 months of on the job mentoring by Linda Daniels-Clark, CMT, MLDT

Expanded Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aura Soma Pomanders, Massage Cupping, Scar treatment, Heart Healing Cards