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What is COLORPUNCTURE  and how can it help me?

What is Colorpuncture ?

It is a system of light therapy which combines energetic principles of Chinese medicine with modern discoveries about the biophysics of light. This system was developed by Peter Mandel, a German naturopath, acupuncturist, and well-known figure in European natural healing.

How does Colorpuncture work?

Colorpuncture involves placing colored light on specific points along the energy pathways of the body. The light restores cellular communication and supports the body’s healing process.

Particular treatments help balance and de-stress the nervous system, detoxify the body, relieve pain, tonify and strengthen specific organs. Common conditions that can be addressed energetically are pain, migraine, lymphatic issues, depression, anxiety, hyperacidity, digestion, childhood trauma and many others.

Why does Colorpuncture Therapy work?

Colorpuncture operates from the perspective that our physical discomforts and pains are important signals of deeper disharmonies in the psyche and spirit that can disturb the healthy communication between cells in the body. Any disharmony must be addressed at these deeper levels if real healing is to occur.

Light and color not only restore proper cellular communication; they also have a unique capacity to unlock the connections in the body-mind.

Many Colorpuncture treatments powerfully address emotional, mental and spiritual levels, as for example the therapies for prenatal trauma and conflict solution. Clients find this therapy to be gentle and relaxing.

Finally, Colorpuncture has the effect of activating consciousness and personal insight, for example in treatments like the dream stimulation therapy.

By working to restore our connection to our inner wisdom, all Colorpuncture therapies seek to support the unfolding of our innate potential as individuals.

The deepest healing comes from living our lives in accordance with our truth and our potential.

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