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We tried to get pregnant for two years and we were unsuccessful. I came for acupuncture and was able to get pregnant. Now we have a beautiful little boy.

-J.L June 2015

HOPE: Oslo- Weber

Before coming to Lotus Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic, I had daily nose bleeds (Oslo -Weber), hoarseness of the voice, and a clogged nose. I felt that I had to accept how my health was, it is what it is and that I had to just deal with it.

I noticed that after the 1st week, I had minor improvements,

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Digestion and Urination Problems

Before I came to Lotus Acupuncture & Holistic Health Clinic, I was struggling with digestive disorders and also kidney problems (I had an urgent need to urinate).

I felt unsure and bit confused with my health, but after 8 weeks of seeing Jayne Dabu I noticed that I had no more digestive problems or the urgent need to urinate. I

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Anxiety and Digestive Issues

Before seeking treatment at Lotus Acupuncture, I felt sluggish, anxiety, had intestinal problems.

I have done both acupuncture and Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). My immune system is stronger, diet on track; which has stabilized my intestinal tract, digestion and alleviated bloating + GERD symptoms. Sleeping has improved and outlook on overall health has improved.

Everyone at Lotus Acupuncture is great-

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