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A Few Facts:

  • The CDC and WHO have been monitoring this outbreak of COVID-19, which is considered novel or new, as it has not been previously identified, thus the ‘19’ in the name from the year 2019.
  • People can by symptomatic or carriers of the COVID-19 showing no symptoms.
  • Incubation periods can vary, two to fourteen days (on average).


Preparedness Overview To Do List:

  • Eat whole foods
  • Hard time finding fruits and vegetables? Check with the clinic and we can send a link to order greens you can add to water, juice, or smoothies.
  • Take immune boosting supplements (See list below)
  • Adhere to disease prevention protocols that reduce exposure and spread of virus.
  • Be prepared in the event of shelter-in-place.
  • Set up Fullscript online dispensary account. (link will be emailed)
  • Set up Wellevate online dispensary account. (link will be emailed)
  • Set up Standard Process Patient Direct dispensary account. (link will be emailed)
  • Set up Clinic Patient Portal. (link will be emailed)
  • We can also drop-ship some of these supplements and herbal formulas to your door.


Supplement/Herbal Formulas List:

**Ensure you have these at home to boost your immune system. Call us to purchase these from us directly at the clinic or from your online dispensary.**



  • Cataplex C or Vitamin C – high antioxidants (buffered or liposomal)
  • Vitamin D3K2 or DAK1K2 – supports immune system
  • Cataplex A or Vitamin A – supports mucosal membranes (Standard Process)
  • Zinc – when you may have been exposed, or think you are coming down with something. We can send you a link to purchase this from OHS.
  • Lysine – absorbs zinc and supports immune system. This can be found from your online dispensary (Fullscript or Wellevate).
  • Colloidal Silver – do not use more than seven days. This can be found from your online dispensary (Fullscript or Wellevate)
  • Prebiotic/Probiotic – promoting healthy gut flora – Flora Synergy, Flora 12+, Flora Chewables for children, Prosynbiotic.



  • Digestion Advance Formula – We can send you a link to purchase this.
  • AL-90 – Allegany Nutrition – We have this in stock at the office
  • Multizyme – Standard Process – you can order this directly from your Standard Process Account.
  • Enzycore – Energetix – We have this in stock at the office.
  • Catalyst U or Catalyst C, – We have this in stock at the office.



We have all the following in stock at the office. Call to order.

  • Monolaurin – antiviral, antimicrobial.
  • Core Echinacea
  • Core Mycelia Blend – blend of immune boosting mushrooms. This is a tincture.
  • Core Olive Leaf – this is a tincture
  • Astragalus Tablets and in Capsule form– enhances the immune system (White blood cells)
  • Maitake Mushroom Capsules
  • Ganoderma & Shitake Mushroom Tablets and Capsules
  • Chaga Mushroom Capsules



We have these in stock at the office. Call to order.

  • Viru-Chord – homeopathic to treat early stages of viral infection.
  • Yin Chiao San – Chinese herbal formula to treat early stages of bacterial/viral infection.
  • Gan Mao Ling – Chinese herbal formula to treat early stages of bacterial/viral infection.
  • Jade Wind Screen – Chinese herbal formula to treat early stages of bacterial/viral infection.
  • Zhong Gan Ling – Chinese herbal formula to bacterial/viral infection in the lungs.
  • Herbal ABX – A stronger Chinese herbal formula to bacterial/viral/fungal systemic infection in the body.
  • Herbal AVR – A strong Chinese herbal formula to treat viral infection in the body.



This will only be ordered in bulk. You must call to order ahead of time and prepay for these items. We will set dates for bulk ordering.

  • Golden Flower – preventative tea, take 1tsp 2-3 times daily
    • One tin lasts for 21 days.
    • The ingredients work together to support the immune system, and remove germs from the throat, respiratory tract, and heart.
    • Safe for pregnant women.
    • Safe for those with autoimmune conditions.
  • Silver Flower – Chinese herbal formula for CoronoVirus, take 3 capsules 3x/day
    • For those who are symptomatic or diagnosed with CoronaVirus, this formula contains twenty all-natural herbal ingredients that have shown symptom relief and negative test results in clinical trials all over China.
    • Consult with practitioner before using if pregnant.


Nutraceuticals Support:

These products we can send you a link to order or can dropship to you.

  • Optimal Complete Performance – OHS (Contains Whey Protein)
  • Optimal Complete Nutrition PLUS – OHS (Meal Replacer)
  • Fruit & Veggie PLUS – OHS
  • Pure Paleo Protein Powder – DFH (Hydrobeef)
  • Indigo Greens – Orthomolecular (Capsule or Powder)


Diet & Lifestyle:

  • Eat foods that boost immunity.
  • Eat probiotic fermented foods.
  • Eat organic quality eggs and meat.
  • Use organic raw unfiltered honey (Manuka is great as it is antiviral)
  • Avoid sugar and alcohol as it suppresses the immune system.
  • Avoid wheat, corn, and foods high in carbs.
  • Avoid GMO food.
  • Get lots of rest and sleep.
  • Stay hydrated with water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Do not overstuff yourself with food.
  • Stay consistent with your food eating and sleep cycle.
  • Drink hot water with lemon and Manuka honey as much as you can.
  • Exercise moderately.
  • Stick to a routine everyday and stay consistent!
  • Eat as clean as possible.
  • Practice meditation and/or pray.
  • Try to limit your watching of news or negative programming on TV.
  • Take time to quiet your mind and thoughts.


Protective Measures:

  • Wash your hands often with soap for a minimum of twenty seconds.
    • After going to the restroom, before and after eating, after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, touching a door handle, when you get home from the store or work.
    • Not able to wash your hands? Use a good hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Carry tissues with you in case you need to cough or sneeze.
  • Wear rubber/nitrile gloves when going out in public.
  • Wear these gloves once. Do not keep reusing them and touching everything in public.
  • Wear a face mask or handkerchief to cover your face while out in public to limit your exposure.
  • Avoid public restrooms.
  • Clean regularly touched surfaces/objects.
  • Not feeling well? Stay home and stay away from others.
  • Practice social distancing.







To meet the growing need within our communities, Sentara Healthcare is providing drive-thru screening and testing for those who are concerned they may have the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Sentara Princess Anne Hospital 

2025 Glenn Mitchell Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center 

100 Sentara Circle, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

Sentara Edinburgh

1933 Edwin Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m


In addition to establishing drive-thru sites, Sentara set up a call center that began serving the community at 9 a.m. on March 16.

The number is 1.833.945.2395.

The Sentara COVID-19 Call Center operates seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

It is able to:

  • Direct callers to appropriate resources based on nurses’ evaluations
  • Answer questions about signs and symptoms based on current CDC guidelines
  • Provide information on Sentara policies and our COVID-19 response

The call center will not schedule appointments, provide testing recommendations, or provide test results.

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