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“I have suffered with fibromyalgia for nearly 8 years. My list of symptoms was quite long, and I remember crying at my first appointment with Jayne because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. She listened at great length, and assured me that she would partner with me in my journey to better health. Jayne gave me something that day I have never received from a clinician…HOPE! We decided together that Nutritional Response Therapy and Acupuncture would be the best course of treatment, and that day we began ‘our’ journey. It has only been 8 weeks since I have been under Jayne’s most wonderful care, and I already have substantial relief from the horrible pain, stiffness, and fatigue of fibromyalgia. I also have suffered from a painful skin disorder on the bottoms of my feet, hands, and legs, and to my surprise that condition has almost disappeared. Jayne has taught me what foods my body needs and wants, anfd which foods to avoid. Her skills as an acupuncturist and holistic health clinician have far surpassed my expectations, and I have to also mention how kind her assistant, Tina has been to me. I am thankful for my husband’s encouragement to schedule my first appointment with Jayne, I now look forward to a full recovery, and a healthy long life ahead!

— L.B.

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