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Headaches and Neck Pains

“Before starting the Acupuncture and Nutritional Response Testing treatments, I had frequent (daily) headaches and neck pains. I was often irritable especially in the evening and very lethargic throughout the day. I would feel bloated and uncomfortable after meals.

Through the Nutritional Response Testing, I was able to identify foods that I was sensitive to and by changing my diet to eliminate these specific foods, I almost immediately felt better. My headaches became much less frequent and are now very rare (and usually after I accidentally eat something I am sensitive to). I no longer feel bloated and uncomfortable after I eat. I have learned that what I eat affects the way I feel and even though changing my diet and my eating habits has presented challenges, I feel empowered knowing I control the way I feel and my overall health. I feel better today at almost 30, then I did when I was 20.

Acupuncture has really helped my overall wellness as well. I turned to alternative medicine when I felt my “Western” doctors failed me. I was dealing with painful and life-interrupting symptoms for months and months, and saw many MD’s and specialists, went through invasive tests and put on prescriptions to mask my symptoms (not fix the actual problem…because they couldn’t identify what exactly was wrong). I was made to feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about when it came to my own body and how I was physically feeling, in the end, I was told there was nothing wrong with me- but I was still feeling symptoms more than ever.

Very frustrated and depressed at that point- I turned to Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine. From the moment I sat down with the acupuncturist, I knew this was a different realm of healthcare all together. I WAS LISTENED TO, she asked me questions, and listened. She got to the bottom of how I was feeling physically and emotionally. In the end, I think that made all the difference. After the first visit, I no longer felt confused, or depressed. The herbs and acupuncture treatments helped address my pain and the underlying issues. After just a few treatments and a couple of weeks, I was almost pain and symptom free. I continue to use acupuncture for any ailment or pain i experience. I have confidence knowing that I will be seen as a whole-person not just a list of symptoms.”


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