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Acupuncture Works

My first step into a new world of healing began with a transformation of both mind and body. For those who are skeptical, you are reading this because in the back of your mind you are wondering if it really works. I dare say you must be disillusioned by the modern medicine that has let you down. Here it is in black and white and you decide. If I break my leg I will go to a Western Trauma surgeon to pin my leg together, then I will go to an Eastern Doctor to heal my leg.

What is the difference? Cold steel and bright lights work to stitch you together but that is not going to heal your body. Your mind does that and Acupuncture allows those paths to connect your mind with the
part of the body that needs healing. What do you have to lose? The other pharmaceutical path leads to a pit of despair and suffering. Why not turn down another path you might just get your life back! Great
job Lotus Acupuncture keep up the great work!!!


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